Spring King of the Lake Registration

Entry Fee $300 CAD + 5% Handling Fee
Entry Deadline April 16th, 2021 @ midnight

Fall King of the Lake Registration

Entry Fee $300 CAD + 5% Handling Fee
Regular Enty Deadline August 27th, 2021


**These events are optional and can be entered at the Captain's Meeting. Same rules as main event apply to all optional / side events.**

FishUSA "America's Tackle Shop" Overall Champion $500.00

*to qualify you MUST be PAID IN FULL before the Spring KOTL captains meeting/registration concludes
Payments will be received at Captain's meeting for the Spring KOTL - Cash Only will be Accepted
Pay top 3 spots (50/30/20) - Winner receives $1,000 gift certificate and part of the entry fees.
Winners is calculated by best combined score of the (4) events posted on the registration page.


Scotty Pat Comerford High Performance $ 500.00

Payments will be received at Captain's meeting for the KOTL - Cash Only will be Accepted

Pay top 3 spots (50/30/20)


Weekend Bonus Challenge $100 each day

Payments will be received at Captain's meeting for the KOTL - Cash Only will be Accepted
Pay top 3 spots (50/30/20)
Biggest box of each day wins


Big Fish Friday Silver Salmon Challenge

Being sponsored and run by the Silver Salmon Challenge

(Weigh 1 fish-pay top 3)



2021 Tournament Rules (3.19.2021)


1. Eligibility: All persons 18 years of age and over are eligible to enter the event. Anyone under 16 is eligible to fish as long as one of their parents or guardians is on board the vessel.
2. Teams: Teams consist of 2 to 6 anglers, including children. A maximum of 8 rods to be fished with at any one time per boat.
3. Rod limit: maximum of 8 rods to be fished with at any one time per boat. *However, only 2 rods per angler if less than 4 anglers on board.
4. Tournament boundaries: Boundaries will be announced on Friday before the event and based on current Covid-19 border rules. However, no rivers or inlets. Boats leaving start zone prior to official start time will be disqualified. All boats must enter and exit designated area. The designated area will be specified at the Captain’s Meeting.
5. Shotgun start: All boats will be allowed to depart from their docks prior to the actual start time. Contestants are allowed to gather near the starting point but not more that 300 yards north or east of the harbor entrance. An official tournament boat will signal the start of the event at the designated time. **NOTE: please do not idle near the harbor entrance-this creates a safety issue. Spread yourselves out.
6. Fishing Start Time: 6:00 am *subject to change due to daylight or weather conditions*. There is no end fishing time.  Teams should cease fishing and allow time to return and be in line at designated time.   Teams must have coolers at the designated place at the marina, no later than 3:00 pm in order to be eligible to weigh in their catch or be disqualified.  *This time is subject to change at the Captains meeting. 
7. A day of fishing consists of 8 hours. If the tournament committee decides to delay the start due to bad weather or darkness, it may extend the first day of fishing.
7a.There are no makeup days in this event.
8. All speed and no wake zones must be observed, failure to do so may be cause for disqualification.
9. Captains are to check in and return designated lanyards to the weigh-in area each day. This will be clarified at the Captain’s meeting.
10. 2021 Captain’s Meeting format will be announced.
11. Team registration will begin at 4:00pm Friday prior to the main event at the St. Catharine's marina. Failure to register and sign in prior to 6:00pm will result in a late start penalty of one hour on Saturday’s fishing day. In the event of a delay, then the one hour late start penalty will, be imposed from the delayed start time.
12. It is the Captain’s responsibility to ensure that he is at the Captain’s meeting. If the Captain cannot attend the meeting, he must send a qualified representative. That representative will assume responsibility for the team at the meeting.
13. After registration and before the event, all teams will be given a tournament update and itinerary for the events via e-mail.
14.Tournament size limit is 19”.  The tail squeeze method can be used to achieve maximum length overall.
15. Scoring: A maximum of (5) fish per day will be allowed to be weighed in. Points will determine the winner – 10 points per fish, 1 point per pound.
       a. Example: 5 Coho average 4 lbs = 70 points.
       b. Only Chinook and Coho will be eligible for weigh-in. Any other species brought to official weigh in will result in an automatic  disqualification for that fishing day.
         The tournament has established a minimum 19” length requirement.
        c. Questionable fish will be measured from tip of nose to tip of the tail with the squeeze   tail method to achieve the best overall length. Any fish under 19” will be disallowed but no penalty will be imposed. Any fish deemed to be physically altered in any manner by that team, will forfeit that fish, without penalty. However, that team will also be given a warning. A second violation will result in disqualification from the event.
16. Weigh-in: Upon returning to port the cooler containing the day’s catch must be immediately transported to the weigh in area. *This will be clarified at the captain's meeting.  At least one team member must remain with the cooler until surrendered to the weigh-in committee.
17. Coolers: All coolers must be marked with the team name or number. All coolers will be considered sealed at the end of the day’s fishing and handling of fish by anyone other than a tournament official is prohibited.
18. Dry cooler weigh-in rule: No water in the coolers at weigh in. *Double bagging of ice cubes or block ice is recommended.  Sealed plastic jugs are also permitted.
Penalty for bringing cooler to weigh-in with water will result in an automatic disqualification for that day.
19. Bait containers: during the day you are allowed to keep bait in your fish cooler but it must be removed before your cooler is sealed at the cooler drop off location. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
20. Lanyards: in order to weigh in your fish, your team must present the team identification lanyard to the weigh master. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of that days catch.
21. All government (US and CDN) regulations for boating and fishing will apply. Anyone caught in violation of a law/rule “may” be disqualified from the event, pending the severity of the violation. Each incident will be reviewed by the tournament committee.
22. Each team will be given a tournament flag which must be prominently displayed on the boat.
23. Competitors must not go ashore anywhere but the designated areas. If a team must go ashore or dock early, they must notify tournament control and be given consent by tournament control prior to touching land or docking.
24. Boats may be inspected by Tournament Officials at any time during the competition.
25. All standings will be determined by total points. A tie for any position will see respective prize money split equally between the teams.
26. Competitors may be disqualified for any violation of the tournament rules, with no refund of entry fee. Decision of the tournament officials is final.
27. Communications: No communication rule will be in effect throughout the tournament. This means during fishing times you are not allowed to communicate with any competitors or non-competitors in any way that may enhance your day’s catch or opportunity. To clarify with example: If your wife calls and says your child is sick, please come home after your day – that is acceptable but if she follows by saying “how’s your fishing day going” and you reply, ”great”, then that is a rule violation and you will be disqualified. Why? She can use this information to enhance someone else’s fishing day. Again, this is an example. The KOTL is allowing your phones to be on because there may be emergencies, family responsibilities or business responsibilities that you may have to attend to. We understand this and will allow this type of communication only. However, any and all communication must be kept to non-fishing matters and we will attempt to monitor this as close as possible. The KOTL will deem all communication violations as a serious offense.
28. Polygraph: Winners may be subject to polygraph testing. Refusal to take the polygraph test will result in automatic disqualification. It is the responsibility of each competitor that may be subject to polygraph, to refrain from using alcohol or other substances which may affect the accuracy of the polygraph. Such use may result in disqualification. The results of the polygraph testing may be accepted regardless. The decision of the tournament committee will be final.
29. Each competitor upon registration agrees to sign a waiver holding the sponsors, their agents or employees harmless from liability of any nature, and for injuries or damages suffered by the entrants during the period the tournaments is to be held. Basically, you and your team are agreeing to participate in this event at your own discretion and assume all risk.
30. Any fish entered must be retrieved by rod and reel, on angling tackle.  Incidentally hooked fish landed while in the act of trolling can be kept.
31. Fish must be caught/landed while in the act of trolling. Fish with cuts, gaff marks, gill net, or puncture marks anywhere on the body will be questioned and may be ineligible for weigh.
32.One scoop rule: if a break off or lost fish occurs at the back or side of the boat, teams can try to net or land the fish at that “immediate” time.  If unsuccessful, teams cannot circle back to net the lost fish.  It is against rules to net any floating fish that is not yours.
33. It is unacceptable to the tournament committee to dispose of fish angled (dead fish) in order to maintain creel. It is the intent of the KOTL to maintain and abide by good conservation practices and by the laws set forth by the Canadian and U.S. Government. This includes how each team handles their catch after weigh-in. Any fish disposed of in an unsightly or illegal manner may be grounds for disqualification and/or the KOTL reserves the right to bar that team from any all future KOTL events.
34. Any team entering fish that have been altered in any manner as to increase weight of the fish will be disqualified from the tournament and future tournaments.
35. All competitors upon registration agree to abide by all rules. It is the responsibility of the Captain’s to make sure all rules are followed by their respected team members. The intent at the King of the Lake Promotions is to promote good sportsmanship and good competition. Any infractions or poor behavior, in the opinion of the rules committee, which may cause damage or impact the good will and reputation of the KOTL, sponsors, host marinas etc…, may result in disqualification from the immediate event and/or possible future events.
36. Any protests must be submitted no later than 15 minutes after the final boat has weighed in. This protest must be accompanied by $200.00 (CDN Funds). This fee will be refunded when protest is validated.
37. The team representative presenting the fish for weigh in shall be responsible for verification (signature) of the weigh slip. Failure to acknowledge this “may” result in the disqualification of that days catch.
38. Weather: In the interest of safety, the day’s fishing may be cancelled by the angler’s committee if small craft warnings are posted by the Canadian Coast Guard or US Coast Guard (tournament specific area). However, once released to fish and bad weather or rough water occurs, it will be the Captain’s discretion to decide whether his team stays out or comes in early. In other words, once released it will be the Captain’s decision whether to fish or not, not the KOTL committee.
39. Payouts: The KOTL will inform all Captain’s at the Friday Captain’s meeting what the event payout will be.
40. Entries are limited to 100 teams.
42. Entries must be received and accounted for by the dates listed on the website. There will be a $100 late fee for all entries received after the initial dead line and before the final cut off date . Does Not Apply in 2021
43. Rulings and Limitations: The tournament committee’s decision will be final for all matters pertaining to the interpretation and conduct of these rules. In the interest of good sportsmanship, contestants are reminded that the “spirit of the rule” will prevail in all judgment cases.

Version 3.19.2021